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Galko (ギャル子, Galko?), known by friends as Galko-chan (ギャル子ちゃん, Galko-chan?) is the main protagonist of the series. She is close friends with Otako and Ojou, despite the trio having completely different personalities, which causes people to think of them as people who aren’t associated with each other.


Galko is a young woman who is very curvaceous, and is often judged only by her looks and style of dress. Her most notable physical feature is her very large breasts. She has ample hips and slender legs, as well as thin arms and light skin. Her hair is a golden blonde, with the locks being styled into several curly strands, with bangs that cover only one side of her face, the other side being pulled back and tied with a blue scrunchie. Messy curly locks of hair frame the sides of her face. Her irises are a radiant sky blue with light pupils, while her eyelashes are somewhat thick and rounded.

Galko is typically seen wearing her school uniform, except with a yellow cardigan instead of a blazer, plaid blue skirt, a white collared shirt with a red bow tie, knee-high grey socks and brown loafers. She wears two small round piercings on her ears. While hanging out outside of school, she wears a green crop top and short shorts. When relaxing at home, she generally wears more loose, comfortable clothing, although a good amount of her cleavage is usually still exposed. At the pool, she wears a noticeably skimpy and revealing blue bikini which allows most of her ample cleavage to be exposed.

In the manga, she retains the same look, but has purple hair instead of blonde hair.


Due to her looks, Galko is thought to be a girl with a wild and promiscuous personality who is often out all night having sex, and has many different sexual partners. Because of that, her true personality being relatively innocent and inexperienced comes as a surprise to many. She appears to get embarrassed over her stature, she's embarassed over talking about intimate themes, as well as feel shame over things she says, her thoughts sometimes being suggestive. She usually doesn’t think twice before opening her mouth, making her somewhat of an airhead, though she isn’t necessarily unintelligent.

Galko is shown to have supreme difficulty in getting up in the morning, but is shown to grow more active as the day passes. She is highly emotional and finds no difficulty when it comes to getting involved with books or movies, which usually results with her tearing up or crying.

Galko doesn't seem to care if others see her wearing very little, and seems to prefer wearing rather skimpy clothing, as her normal outfit for going out in public consists of a crop top that shows off her entire midriff, and her bikini she wears at the pool barely covers anything.

Despite wearing piercings of her own, she is deathly terrified of bodily modifications. She also has a love for cooking and is also capable of making bread. She and her sister, Galko-nee usually exchange clothing, including her school uniform, and gets furious at her sister after discovering that the latter uses it during sex, despite it being her fault for lending her sister clothing in the first place.

Her conversations with her peers are described to be rather loud and are mainly about myths or candid sexual questions about the female body, which they converse about quite shamelessly with one another, but are usually shown to get quite embarrassed about afterwards.



Natural Abilities[]

Galko possesses some natural abilities of her own, all of which are mentioned below.

  • Cooking: Galko is a skilled cook who is usually seen making bentos, but can also make other foods such as bread.


  • Her name Galko, is a reference to the Gal/Gyaru fashion style that usually consists of young women who would tan their skin, dye their hair blonde and use a lot of makeup. The term often has a negative connotation, as the outfits they wear tend to be very provocative and skimpy, which often leads to assumptions that the women are promiscuous and sexually unrestrained.